Polycrystalline Solar Panel BYD 280W 24V HALF-CELL 144 Cells

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BYD 280W 24V HALF-CELL PHK-30-SERIES-5BB 275-285W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

The BYD PHK-30-SERIES-5BB 275-285W  280W 24V Half-Cell polycrystalline module is a 144-cell Half-Cell polycrystalline module manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of BYD photovoltaic solutions. This  BYD solar panel has a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power warranty, with efficiencies hovering around 80% to 97.5% over the age of 25. The newhigh-efficiency BYD PHK-30-SERIES-5BB 275-285W panelesare designed with 144 split cell technology, which prevents power loss and contributes to maximum performance even when the module is affected by partial shadows.

The 280W BYD PHK-30-SERIES-5BB 275-285W BYD solar panel is a high-quality polycrystalline module, ideal for solar self-consumption solar installations and industrial applications that need to produce maximum energy performance. Lightweight and resistant solar plate, made of polycrystalline silicon with anodized aluminum frame.

BYD PHK-30-SERIES-5BB 280W and 144 cell solar panels can be combined with state-of-the-art lithium batteries as well as traditional lead-acid and GEL/AGM batteries with their corresponding charging regulator. In Supplies of the Sun we offer world-renowned solar panels as well as all their components, both in their solar inverters, solar panels, charge regulators and batteries for solar installations.


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Product Warranty

12 Years

Energy guarantee

10 years of 90% output power, 25 years of 80% output power

Electrical Features in STC


Maximum Power (Pmax)

325 Wp

330 Wp

335 Wp

340 Wp

345 Wp

Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmax)

37.57 V

37.83 V

38.1 V

38.36 V

38.62 V

Current at maximum power point (Imax)

8,654 A

8,724 A

8,794 A

8,864 A

8,934 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

44.94 V

45.19 V

45.44 V

45.69 V

45.94 V

Short-circuit current (Isc)

9.14 A

9,196 A

9,252 A

9,308 A

9,364 A


16,45 %

16,7 %

16,95 %

17,21 %

17,46 %

Power Tolerance (+)

+ 1.5%

+ 1.5%

+ 1.5%

+ 1.5%

+ 1.5%


Standard Test Conditions (STC): AM 1.5 Air Mass, Radiation 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature 25oC,

Electrical Features in NOCT


Maximum Power (Pmax)

245.4 Wp

248.9 Wp

252.5 Wp

256 Wp

259.7 Wp

Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmax)

35 V

35.3 V

35.6 V

35.8 V

36.2 V

Current at maximum power point (Imax)

7.01 A

7.06 A

7.1 A

7.14 A

7.18 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

42.3 V

42.5 V

42.7 V

43 V

43.2 V

Short-circuit current (Isc)

7.38 A

7.43 A

7.47 A

7.52 A

7.56 A


Temperature under normal operating conditions (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1.5, wind speed of 1m/s, ambient temperature of 20oC

Thermal Features


Temperature Range


Pmax Temperature Coefficient

-0.349 %/OC

Voc Temperature Coefficient

-0.285 %/OC

Isc Temperature Coefficient

0.057 %/C

System Parameters


Maximum System Voltage

1500 V

Current Limit

15 A

Mechanical Features


Dimensions (A/A/F)

1992 x 992 x 35 mm


22.3 kg

Type of Cells


Number of Cells


Type of Glass

Tempered, Anti-Glare Layer

Glass Thickness

3.2 mm

Type of Plot

Anodized Aluminum Alloy

No. Built-in Bypass Diodes


Union Protection Box

IP 67


4 mm2

Clable's Long

450 mm


IEC 61215 (T-V Rheinland)

IEC 61215 (T-V Rheinland)

IEC 61215 T-V Rheinland)

IEC 61215(T-V Rheinland)

IEC 61215 (T-V Rheinland)


BYD 280W 24V HALF-CELL Certifications

  • IEC61215-1(ed.1)
  • IEC61215-1-1(ed.1)
  • IEC61215-2(ed.1)
  • IEC61730-1(ed.2)
  • IEC61730-2(ed.2)


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