MUST VPM 3kW 24V 50A Hybrid Charger MPPT 30A PV 100Vdc

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MUST VPM 3kW 24V 50A Hybrid Charger MPPT 30A PV 100Vdc


The MUST VPM 3kW 24V 50A Hybrid Inverter MPPT 30A PV 100Vdc  Charger specially designed for photovoltaic installations   and solar kits, is a pure sine wave inverter features 30A battery charger and 50A MPPT solar controller integrated into a single equipment. It is one of the best solutions on the market today, as it is able to manage the charge of solar panels, the charge of batteries, and also has a battery charger, which allows to charge them from a generator set to gasoline or with the electricity grid in case the solar panels were not able to supply the necessary energy. The function of Solar hybrid inverters is not to pass the current through the batteries throughout the day, but rather to use the energy they provide. The battery is charged during the day with the surplus production that we do not use, which is the amount of power that we see on the screen.

These are pure wave inverters and some of the models are also parallelable, supporting powers greater than that of other inverters.  The battery is charged during the day with the surplus production that we do not use, which is the amount of power that we see on the screen. Thanks Equalization Function (parameter 36) increases 20% more than the useful battery life. The inverter is capable of generating a pure sine wave, of equal characteristics to that created by the conventional electrical grid. All this can be displayed using the LCD display. included in the Must Solar Inverter housing. In addition, the equipment of the manufacturer Must Solar allow the programming of the operating parameters of the installation, as well as the connection via Wifi to be able to monitor it from any computer through a website.

General features

  • The 3000VA 24V charger inverter with 50A MPPT controller is fully programmable and configurable via its information display, with the ability to connect an external generator will ensure that you will never be without electricity.
  • The interconnection speed between the grid, solar panels or batteries is tanorapid that absolutely nothing is perceived; you will always have a fluid electrical power supply without interruption.
  • The LCD display has a resolution of 255 x 160 pixels with backlighting making it easy to read. Power generation data, alerts and other information are clearly and easily displayed to the user.
  • The Charger 3000VA 24V inverter is an all-in-one system that doesn't need any more device.
  • The 3000VA 24V Charger inverter always prefers the energy of the sun or batteries and as a last resort will use power from the power grid or the electrogen group, so you will be independent of your power company.
  • Easy to install inverter
  • There is no other system as easy to install as the 3000VA 24V Charger Inverter series. This is not only good for the person performing the installation: you will also save time, space and money.
  • Setting up the 3000VA 24V MPPT50A charger
  • Included remote programming and control software (WATCHPOWER) and USB inverter-computer cable. WatchPower includes inverter configuration monitoring and application application. Allows control and surveillance of various devices via THE, Internet or USB. Warning notifications or alarms via audible alarm, pop-up screen, transmission, SMS, tray message and email.


In the event of being at night, a cloudy day or having a higher energy demand than the panels can provide, the necessary power is provided by the battery bank. If, for example, at 12:00h at noon we are producing with the solar panels 1,500W, and the house consumes at that time 500W, we will be charging the batteries with the 1,000W leftover, so that we can have supply at night.

The 3000W 24Vincluye-among other charger - a 24V battery charger with 30A capacity, which is powered by a 230V AC power source. The solar charge regulator that incorporates is 60A with MPPT technology, and a nominal photovoltaic power capacity of 1500W, which means that the power of the photovoltaic solar field should not exceed 1500W total. Thanks to the existing possibility of being able to introduce a gasoline generator or the electricity grid, it allows to charge the batteries by this source in addition to being powering the house by-pass, in this way, there will be no time when the installation runs out of power.



Technical Specifications

  • Rated power: 3000W.
  • Input voltage: 24V.
  • Selectable voltage range: 170-280 VAC (for computers) 90-280 VAC(for household appliances).
  • Frequency range: 50Hz/60Hz (automatic detection).
  • Output voltage regulation (battery mode): 230 VAC +-5%
  • Maximum power (start peaks): 6000W.
  • Efficiency: 93%.
  • Transfer time: 10 ms (for computers) 20 ms (for appliances).
  • Wave type: Pure sine wave.
  • Maximum open circuit voltage photovoltaic panel 100VDC
  • Battery voltage: 24V.
  • Floating charging voltage: 27V.
  • Overload protection: 31V.
  • PV Rated power: 1500W.
  • Controller charging current: 50A. Mppt
  • Charger charging current: 30A.
  • Power consumption in stand-by: 2W.
  • Measurements: 131 x 272 x 352 mm
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Weight: 10 Kg


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