Pellet Stoves OCARIZ Eco Aire 10 Kw

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Pellet stoves Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw

Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw Pellet Stoves provide direct emitted heat and hot air through controlled, forced and quieter ventilation from the top of the front to the passenger compartment where they are installed.

Endless feeder screw mounted with anti-vibration bushes, with oversized power reduction motor external to the tank and provided with self-protection against stress.
Oversized centrifugal fan motor with which we get a higher flow of hot air (up to 10% higher than other brands) at a constant average temperature and in a quieter way. Most stoves in the market, not having these benefits, expel a lower volume of air but at high temperatures, which produces environmental dryness. The air suction tube is provided with a flow sensor, a safety device which, unlike the pressure switch, measures the amount of air sucked, operating when there are obstructions or leaving the door open

Stoves, thermostats and ecological boilers certified pellets of sustainable and economic high performance.

Characteristics of pellet stoves Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw:

Guidance volume of heating 340 m3
Power 10,2 kW
Yield 88.2%
Capacity of pellet tank 25 kg
Pellet consumption 0.5-2 kg / h
Maximum autonomy time 50 h
Weight 130 kg
Measures width / depth / height 430 x 485 x 990 mm
Smoke outlet Ø 80 mm
Air intake Ø 40 mm
Power supply 220-230V / 50 Hz
Steel side cladding
Stainless Steel
Colors available in pellet stoves Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw:
Gray Anthracite / Beige
Gray Anthracite / Bordeaux
Gray anthracite / Black opaque

Certificates EN 14785: 2006 and Art. 15a BV-G

Equipment of pellet stoves Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw:
Ambient temperature probe.
Weekly programmable chronothermostat with information display (display).
Infrared remote control (12V / 23A battery).
Regulation on 3 modulable power levels.
Regulation on 3 levels of ventilation.
Automatic adjustment of pellet dosage.
Self-cleaning ceramic glass of high resistance 800 0C and 4 mm of thickness.
Drawer ashtray extractable of great capacity.
Stainless steel basket AISI 304.
Safety equipment for pellet stoves Ocariz Eco Aire 10 Kw:
Combustion air flow meter.
Continuous monitoring of the combustion air and the smoke temperature.
Mechanical thermostat internal to contact.
Automatic safety thermostat in the pellet tank.
Control of spins of the smoke engine.


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