Underwater solar water pump Grundfos SQFlex 0.6-2

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Underwater solar water pump Grundfos SQFlex 0.6-2

Submersible solar pump Grundfos SQFlex 0.6-3
The Grundfos SQFlex 0.6-3 submersible solar pump models are an environmentally responsible solution for water supply.

The pumps in the SQFlex range incorporate a permanent magnet motor that allows the efficient use of energy from natural sources. This pumping system is an ideal solution for the supply of water in areas of difficult access in which it is scarce and the electricity supply is nonexistent or unreliable.

The solar panels and wind turbines of the pumps of the SQFlex range allow them to adapt to the existing climatic conditions in any place.

The surplus generated energy can be stored in a reserve battery system so that it can be used when energy can not be extracted from natural sources


Features and benefits:

Protection against dry running.
High performance permanent magnet motor
Overvoltage and low voltage protection
Overload protection
Maximum Power Tracking Point (MPPT)
Wide range of voltage


Power by: solar panels, wind power, generator or batteries.
Easy installation
Reliable water supply
Maintenance free
Complete concept
Cheap use
Built-in dry run protection.

Technical data:

Flow rate, Q: max. 90 m3 / h
Height, H: max. 120m
Temp. Liquid: 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
Voltage: 30-300 VDC or 1x90-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Depth Inst: max. 150m


The Grundfos SQFlex 2.5-2 pumps are suitable for:

Villages, Colleges, Hospitals, Single-family homes, etc.
Farms, Watering plants, Irrigation of fields and greenhouses
Hunting grounds, watering holes
Natural parks, Pumping of surface water

Noise level:

The noise level is lower than the limit values ​​indicated in the EEC Machinery Directive.


Radio noise:

SQF complies with EMC Standard 89/336 / EEC. Approved according to EN 50081-1 and 50082-2.
Reset function: SQF can be reset via the CU 200 or by switching off the power supply for 1 minute.
Power factor: PF = 1


Operation by generator:

Voltage: 230VAC, -10% / + 6%. The output of the generator must be min. 1kVA

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