Self-consumption solar kit 3kW with Zero Injection

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Photovoltaic kits for domestic consumption facilities 5 kw without batteries and zero discharge to the grid using the controller SOLAR LOG

The kits include everything needed for easy installation material only choose your kit from 1.800 W to 15,000 W. 

  • Special prices for installers and industry professionals
  • Free transportation in Peninsula (Balearic and Canary Islands, Check) 

Inverter Conext Schneider Electric ™ RL have been specially designed to maximize performance in a wide variety of roofs on houses and blocks of flats. The excellent technical features two MPPT's, high energy efficiency, partial shading algorithm and a wide range of temperature and operating voltage allow you to repay your investment. Backed by global service infrastructure of Schneider Electric and its experience in energy management, the Conext RL series offers reliable and quality investors

Why choose Conext RL?

Higher return on investment

  • Best in class conversion efficiency: 97.5% peak efficiency
  • Broad operating range to harvest more energy (early mornings and late afternoons)
  • Higher ROI with dual MPPT
  • Shade tolerant MPPT algorithm designed to minimize the effect of partial shading on the energy output

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous Multiple Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST) and Temperature Humidity Bias (THB)
  • IP65 compliant rugged, completely sealed unit to stand the harshest environmental conditions


  • Dual MPPTs with wide MPPT voltage range (160-500V*) to support multiple roof orientations
  • Ability to support unbalanced arrays
  • Local as well as remote monitoring options available to track PV plant performance

NOTE: * Full power MPPT voltage range for RL 3000E: 160-500V; RL 4000E/5000E: 180-500V

Easy to service

  • No moving parts (e.g. fans) for low maintenance and increased uptime
  • Easily replaceable communication card
  • Integrated DC switch (optional)

Easy to install

  • Compact unit that allows easy and fast mounting with included bracket
  • Pluggable AC and DC connectors (solar)
  • Auto country/multilingual configurations


The monitoring system to control low cost performance and failures photovoltaic plants with a maximum power of up to 15 kWp. It includes alarm function and graphic evaluation on your PC.

Plant size

The Solar-Log 300 can be installed in plants with a total maximum power of 15 kWp, regardless of the number of investors. In addition, this new model, you can monitor small plants with two or three investors from the same manufacturer without problem. You can find a list of supported investors in the following link: Solar-Log, supported inverters

Using the power consumption

The Solar-Log 300 is available in version with counters, which have an integrated electric meter. This saves a lot of time and installation costs.

The Solar-Log ™ Meter can monitor up to 2 individual wires or three-phase matched cables. In addition, you can connect additional electricity meters to the two S0 outputs. You can monitor small appliances such as fridges, washing machines and dryers through a "smart plug" to the network, a device that fits with existing outlets. Smart plugs measure the power consumed by the connected device and sends this data to the Solar-Log ™. Thus, each Smart single plug can be displayed on the graph of total consumption.

Injection management network

Of course, the power management has been taken into account in all new models. Intelligent management of the regulation of 70% is more attractive for small plants. The Solar-Log can help optimize autoproducida share power. There option to purchase the Solar-Log 300 with the function of Power Management (PM +) to connect to a remote control receiver.

Warranty Solar-Log

Solar-Log ™ expands its warranty period. With effective from June 1, 2015 changes, excludes any accessories.

Solar-Log continues to provide a guarantee of 24 months for all customers Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000 systems, however, it can easily be increased warranty for an additional 36 months for a total of 60 months, in two simple steps through the web Solar-Log.

The Solar-Log ™ teams must register on the website, by the user, within a maximum period of 4 weeks from the date of purchase ( The warranty period and supplementary service will be valid from the date of purchase of the Solar-Log ™.

If you have any question about the new process guarantee Merkasol will be happy to help.

Included Components: 

  • 20.- Polycrystalline Solar Panels 250 w 24v
  • 1.- Solar Inverter grid connection Conext RL 5000 VA Schneider Electric 
  • 1.- Multicontact cable connections
  • 1.- photovoltaic Support structure (optional) 
  • 1.-Solar Log (Control and Zero Discharge Standard Electricity Network)
  • 1.-Installation Instructions


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