Solar Kit 3000w

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Solar Kit 3000w Complet

 3 .- 24V 185W PV modules
 1 .- 40A MPPT Controller Victron Energy
 4 .- 250Ah Trojan Battery C100
 1 .- sine wave inverter 24Vdc 2000W Victron Energy
 10 .- meter cable 2x6mm solar
 1 .- Waterproof panel wiring terminals Multicontact
 2 .- Battery Terminals
 1 .- bridge the battery terminals to serialize
      Quick assembly

Solar PV Kit for daily use and weekend in a small house lighting and various electrical consumption (3000W max). Suitable for weekend homes, lighting and appliance consumption. Multicontact Includes wiring terminals, accessories and installation guide. Includes a tracking controller with maximum power point. RANGE APPROX. DAILY: 5-6 HOURS APPROX RANGE. WEEKEND: 6-7 hours (ie 15 points 220V low light, television, refrigerator, microwave, small water pump ...)


  • 4 Policrystalline PV modules 250W 24V
  • 1 Regulator MPPT 50A Victron Energy
  • 4 Battery 250Ah C100 TROJAN
  • 1 pure wave inverter 24Vdc 2000W Victron Phoenix
  • 20 meter solar cable 1x6mm
  • 4 meters cable 1x50mm for connecting inverter and batteries
  • 1 waterproof case wiring of panels and wind turbine
  • 4 Termination Multicontact MC4
  • 4 Bridges with battery terminals for interconnect

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