Wind Turbine 24v 180w WG-913 Marlec without regulator

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The Rutland 913 is designed for marine use on yachts and ocean shorelines usually over 10m in length. This unit generates enough power to serve domestic battery and regulator RWS200 Engineering and is available for dual battery charging.

The Rutland 913 is a view, with thousands of them in use around the world, aerodynamic lines and its quiet operation and continuous. No doubt this marine model accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available.

· Starting at low wind speed from 5 knots
· Generates 90w @ 19 knots, 24w @ 10 knots
· Provides up to 250W
· Blades for easy assembly and high efficiency
• Generating of three phases with a unique design
• Protection of automatic thermostat with winds extended
· Modern, materials them last for reliability in areas of high seas.
• Do not radiating interference complies with EEC directive 89/336/EEC

Mechanical characteristics

• Generating specifically designed for the turbine
· The stator coils are developed without an iron core for low friction, so a Rutland offers the lowest wind speed start
· Encapsulating the winding fiber glass to avoid common pitfalls stator
· Use only two magnets molded fiberglass that prevents multiple use of magnets glued into position
° high inertia flywheel effect which generates power continuously and smoothly between the gusts when other wind turbines have been lost in the wind energy

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