Anemometers Vaavud Sleipnir

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Anemometer Vaavud Sleipnir

The Vaavud Sleipnir Anemometer is a small device that will allow you to know the wind speed and direction easily by connecting them to your Smartphone or Tablet, under IOS or Android operating systems.

Characteristics of anemometer Vaavud Sleipnir:

The Vaavud Sleipnir anemometer is designed to show us the speed and direction of the wind using a design of two curved propellers designed to obtain both wind speed and direction. Meanwhile, the internal optical sensor registers 44,100 records per second, giving it great precision.
Both systems are supplied with a neoprene protective bag included.

Specifications of Vaavud Sleipnir anemometer:

Wind speed: 2-40 m / s
Accuracy: 4%
Wind direction: N
Accuracy: 4%
Orientation: Omidirectional
Sensor: Electronic
Durability: Rugged
Weight: 14 g
Dimensions: 22x45x83 mm
Available colors: Red and gray.

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