Analog Charge Controller Steca SLR408

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Analog Charge Controller Steca SLR316

Analog Charge Controller Steca


The SLR316 Regulator Steca It offers the following functions of regulation and monitoring.

Control Battery
  • Automatic overload protection using the bypass principle (regulator).
  • Optimal maintenance of load and charge by Impulse Charge (PWM) at a charge frequency of 20 Hz.
  • High efficiency up to 98%.
  • The Charge controller Steca Allows you to charge even deep-discharged batteries.
  • The switch sides defined prevent interference with radio signals.
  • Automatic protection against battery discharge.
  • If the load level drops below the discharge threshold, the load is disconnected by a high-sided intelligent power switch. This power switch short circuit and Overtemperatur Protected.
  • Red LED to show "load off".
  • A blocking diode (Schottky diode) prevents the battery from being discharged by the solar module at night.
  • Protected from deep discharges and overload
  • Optional temperature compensation
  • Protection IP65 (Splash resistant)
  • SISTEMA12/24v Voltage  
  • 16 A Charging current and module
  • Automatic overload protection using the switch-shunt principle The ShuntSwitch Principle
  • High-efficiency pulse width modulation
  • Protected against deep discharges and overloads
  • 2-Year Warranty
Lighting Control
  • Luminosity Control through the solar module. The potentiometer P 3 adjusts the brightness level. No additional sensors are required.
  • The lighting device's on-time during darkness is adjustable via a 24h electronic clock with LCD display.
  • You can program up to 6 periods of "On-Time ".
  • Green LED for "lamp on".
  • IRS 1007: Infrared motion detectors such as IRS1007 or LBP120 can limit lighting time to reduce current
  • Consumption. Optionally, a model for two sensors is available
  • Kty: The temperature sensor KTY 881-8 adjusts the final voltage to the battery temperature at-4.5 Mv/C/celda.

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Technical data:


System voltage

12 V

24 V

Full charge voltage

14.1 V

28.2 V

Maximum Solar production power

130 W

260 W

Disconnect load Voltage

11.0 V

22.0 V

Reconnection load Voltage

12.5 V

25.0 V

Maximum input voltage


50 V

Solar Module Maximum current


16 A

Maximum load current


12 A



15 A

Idle current (LED off)


≤ 3mA

Operating Temperature range


-15... 50 ° C

Maximum permissible humidity



Degree of protection


IP 65, Splash resistant

Bottom of casing (lid: transparent plastic)



Housing cover


Transparent plastic Cover



10 mm ²

Connection Clamps


1x PG9, 3x M25x1, 5



175 x 115 x 60mm

Weight including accessories




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