SLR2008 Steca Regulator

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STECA SLR2008 Analog Load Controller

SLR2008 Steca Regulator For system voltage 48v, 5/10a module and load current and 3 LED display. The Steca SLR2008 is PProtected against deep discharges and overload with optional temperature compensation and splash resistant IP65 protection.

The Load Regulator Steca SLR2008 Has Automatic overload protection using the switch principle-shunt the shunt-switch principles.
Pulse-width modulation of high efficiency and protected against deep discharges and overloads. 2-Year Warranty

Technical data:


System voltage

12 V

24 V

Full charge voltage

14.1 V

28.2 V

LED "Bat. Empty "on

11.5 V

23.0 V

LED "Bat. Empty "off

12.5 V

25.0 V

Disconnect load Voltage

11.0 V

22.0 V

Reconnection load Voltage

12.5 V

25.0 V

Maximum input voltage


48 V

Solar Module Maximum current


8 to

Maximum load current


8 to

Idle current (LED off)



Operating Temperature range


-15... 50 ° C

Maximum permissible humidity



Degree of protection


IP 65

Bottom of casing (lid: transparent plastic)



Connection Clamps


4mm ²

Cable glands


1x PG9, 3x PG16



160 x 110 x 60mm

Fixing holes


4 * 148x52mm 4mm D

Weight including accessories




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