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Controller PWM Steca PR 1010 10a IP31

The Controller PWM Steca PR 1010 It is a prominent product among the solar load regulators of the market. The most modern charging technologies coupled with the determination of the state of charge with Steca-Antonic, which has been again clearly improved, form the perfect unit for the care and control of the battery.

Using symbols, a large display informs the user about operating states. The state of charge is represented visually as if of level indicators are treated. Data such as voltage, current and state of charge can also be displayed on the display with digital numbers. In addition, the controller has an energy meter that the user can reset.


  • Shunt topology with MOSFETs
  • Determination of the state of charge with Steca atonic (SOC)
  • Automatic voltage Selection
  • MAP regulation
  • Staggered load Technology
  • Load disconnection depending on SOC
  • Automatic reconnection of the consumer
  • Temperature compensation
  • Possible a negative grounding of a terminal or positive of several terminals
  • Integrated Data Logger (Power meter)
  • Evening, night and daytime light function
  • Autotest function
  • Monthly compensation charge

Electronic protection functions

  • Overload protection
  • Protection against total discharge
  • Reverse polarity protection of modules, charging and battery
  • Automatic Electronic fuse
  • Protection from load short-circuit and solar modules
  • Surge protection at module input
  • Battery-free open circuit protection
  • Reverse current protection at night
  • Overtemperature and Overload protection
  • Overvoltage Disconnect on battery


  • Graphic LCD Display
  • For operating parameters, fault warnings, autotest


  • Easy to use with menus
  • Programming using Buttons
  • Manual load Switching


  • Alarm Contact


  • World Bank approved for Nepal
  • Conforming to European standards (CE)
  • Compliant to RoHS
  • Manufactured in EU
  • Manufactured in conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


  • External temperature Sensor Steca PA TS10

PR 1010

PR 1515

PR 2020

PR 3030


System tension

12 V (24 V)

Own consumption

12.5 MA

DC input data

Solar module Open circuit voltage (with minimum service temperature)

< 47 V

Module current

10 to

15 to

20 to

30 to

DC output data

Consumption current

10 to

15 to

20 to

30 to

Reconnection voltage (SOC/LVR)

> 50%/12.6 V (25.2 v)

Deep discharge Protection < 30% (SOC/LVD)

< 30%/11.1 V (22.2 v)

Battery data

Final load tension

13.9 V (27.8 v)

Reinforced load Tension

14.4 V (28.8 v)

Compensation load

14.7 V (29.4 v)

Adjusting the battery type

Liquid (adjustable through menu)

Terms of Use

Ambient temperature

-10 °c... + 50 ° C

Equipment and Dieseño

Terminal (thin/single cable)

16 mm ²/25 mm ²-AWG 6/4

Degree of protection

IP 31

Dimensions (x x Y x Z)

187 x 96 x 44 mm


350 g


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