Polycrystalline Solar Panel EX-150P-36 150W 12V

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Polycrystalline Solar Panel EX-150P-36 150W 12V


With the EX-150P-36 150W 12V polycrystalline solar panel it will provide a high performance of your solar cells that allows us to produce different types of panels to give the highest possible efficiency to your installations.

Our Exiom Solution manufacturer designs, manufactures and distributes the highest quality Solar power worldwide.

The polycrystalline panel of the manufacturer EXIOM SOLUTION offers an extraordinary value for money. The EX-150P-36 150W 12V polycrystalline solar panel is ideal for self-contained installations with grid connection.

Polycrystalline solar panels are made up of multiple crystals and instead of going through a slow and costly process to create a single crystal, renewable energy manufacturers simply place a crystal seed in a molten silicon mold and allow it to cool. Because of this casting method, the crystal surrounding the seed is not uniform and grows in multiple small crystals.

Technical characteristics of the polycrystalline solar panel EX-150P-36 150W 12V

  • Maximum voltage: VMP 19.11 V
  • Maximum Current Voltage: IMP 7.85 A
  • Open circuit voltage: VOC 22.60 V
  • Short circuit current: ISC 8.85 A
  • Maximum power tolerance: 0-3%
  • Cell efficiency: 17.40 (%)
  • Module Efficiency: 15.0 (%)
  • NOCT: 47 ° C ± 2 ° C
  • WEIGHT: 12Kg
  • Measurements: 1482x676x40mm.
 High efficiency and performance guarantee
 The robust silicon technology and antireflective layer provided optimal efficiency. This also ensures high performance in diffuse light or less light months. Solar Modules S Series
 Solara have a guarantee of up to 26 factory años.Fabricado Sonnenstromfabrik Centrosolar, Wismar.
 Company certified according to ISO 9001:2000.
 Modules SOLARA S-Series feature a very sturdy aluminum frame and resistant to sea water (except models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe). This increases stability and ease of assembly. In addition, solar modules have a junction box, waterproof wide (except models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe). SOLARA Models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe is equipped with 1 m solar cables. They have a plastic frame extra-flat to be stuck on flat SURFACES.
 Therefore, these modules are particularly easy to mount on ceilings eg caravans, which do not protrude and are adapted to the vehicle.

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