Solar Panel Solara Marine 50w 42 cell S200M42 Marine

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Due to the rugged surface and shockproof, these modules are also used in parking meters or devices medición.Los components include high-performance crystalline cells encapsulated in EVA polymer resistant to sea water which allows high yields even under light diffuse as in autumn and winter. The assembly can optionally be glued or screwed through. Check factory for each module application security, weather resistance and longevity.


Property summary for the Premium series M:


  • High-performance crystalline cells against fracture through the base module very resistant (stainless steel plate covered with a double layer of powdered)
  • Surface particularly robust and shock resistant thanks to integrated protection foil stamped in front and back
  • Protective coating resistant to marine environments
  • Cable outlet, flat robust, optimized for marine use
  • The innovative technology allows the connection of cells domed surface mount (curvature up to 3%)
  • Quick & easy assembly by gluing or screwing
  • Recoil UV resistant plastic reinforced with stainless steel option available
Premium Series M
Ideal for marine applications
42 high-performance crystalline cells for a maximum daily output even in diffuse light or high temperatures
Available with different strengths (from 25 to 70 Wp)
 High efficiency and performance guarantee
 The robust silicon technology and antireflective layer provided optimal efficiency. This also ensures high performance in diffuse light or less light months. Solar Modules S Series
 Solara have a guarantee of up to 26 factory años.Fabricado Sonnenstromfabrik Centrosolar, Wismar.
 Company certified according to ISO 9001:2000.
 Modules SOLARA S-Series feature a very sturdy aluminum frame and resistant to sea water (except models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe). This increases stability and ease of assembly. In addition, solar modules have a junction box, waterproof wide (except models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe). SOLARA Models S340M36 S220M36 Deluxe Deluxe is equipped with 1 m solar cables. They have a plastic frame extra-flat to be stuck on flat SURFACES.
 Therefore, these modules are particularly easy to mount on ceilings eg caravans, which do not protrude and are adapted to the vehicle.

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