Solar Panel Lensun Monocrystalline Flexible 100w

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Solar Panel Lensun Flexible 100W 12v

Fiberglass solar panel ideal for use in camping, caravans, campers, motorhomes and also boats

The best quality of flexible Solar Panel in the market. Made of fiberglass on the back side, which is lighter and softer than aluminum, with a better ETFE film combination than the aluminum and plastic solar panel on the front face.
The first layer is ETFE materials that import from Japan, these materials can absorb sunlight and can not reflect light. Other flexible solar panel brands use PET that reflect very serious, which causes the output of the solar panel to reduce, and this material is much more expensive than the cheap PET, almost the cheap flexible solar panel on the market now use cheap PET.
It can be curved to an arc of 20 to 30 degrees and mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface. Only 2.5 mm, waterproof, lightweight, transitable (shoses sole soft) thin, very powerful and resistant to the harsh conditions of operation of the marine environment. They allow an easy installation, it is also suitable for mobility and installations on the surfaces of motorhomes.
Perfect for curved roofs and surfaces where joining is preferable (although the panel can also be fixed by bolts or screws), most of our customers install them in caravans, motor homes, yacht, boat and car ... etc vehicles.
Professional packaging
We can produce the size of flexible solar panel and junctiob location box by customer's request. If you are planning to use this solar panel to charge a battery bank or 12 V battery: Please note this solar panel requires a control / regulation charge to protect overload and discharge.
LENSUN solar panels are one of the highest efficiency and best quality flexible solar panels for use in mobile homes, marine yachts, mobile homes.

Say goodbye to flexible PET solar panels.

Electric data solar panel Lensun flexible 100W 12v:
Peak power: 100 W
Efficiency of the solar cell: 22%
Maximum power voltage: 17V
Maximum power current: 5.88A
Open circuit voltage: 20.06V
Short circuit current: 6.47A
Power allocation range: +/- 3%
Maximum system voltage: 500V
Values ​​under standard test conditions: Air mass AM1.5, irradiance of 1000 W / m2, cell Temperature 25 ° C)

Mechanical data 100w 12v flexible Lensun solar panel:
Laminate for weather resistance
laminated with aluminum oxide + + ETFE silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar
Monocrystalline solar cells:
Dimensions: 1100 * 570 * 2.5 mm
Net weight: 2.71kgs
back sheet: fiberglass
J-Box: IP 65 classification
Cables / Connector: 2x1m 2.5mm2 cable with solar connectors
Packing of 100W 12v flexible Lensun solar panel:
1 x 100W monocrystalline semi-flexible solar panel (fiberglass)
The product is covered by the 2-year execution guarantee provided by Lensun. We will repair or replace defective items at our discretion. In addition, the solar cells are guaranteed to produce 90% of the nominal power in 10 years after the purchase and 80% of the nominal power in 25 years after the purchase. This guarantee is provided by the solar cell manufacturer.


100w 12w flexible Lensun solar panel
Performance of ETFE versus PET

ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene)

PET (polyethylene terephthalate)


Ultra light and durable. The combination between ETFE and the backsheet is much stronger than PET.

The combination of PET and the cracks of the posterior lamina easily, is not durable, nor is it impermeable.

 Thicknes (mm)

It includes a layer of protection of 0.025 mm of thickness, resistant to the rays UV. Total thickness of less than 0.1 mm.

0.15 mm thick. Solar cells break easily due to low hardness.

 Transmission of light

95% transparency offers excellent efficiency in terms of light conversion to electricity.

90% to 93% transparency results in lower efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.

 Superficial adhesion

ETFE has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly resistant to stains and easily cleaned with rain.

The adhesive surface is often covered with dust or other debris, which significantly affects the output of the solar panel.


Life time of 10 years. Resists aging, deteriorates slowly.

Lifetime of at most 5 years. Easily form airbags and peel.


Highly resistant to seawater corrosion.

It is not resistant to acids and alkalis, so it is totally unsuitable for use in marine environments.


Highly flame retardant Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65 ° C to + 150 ° C. S


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