Inverter Charger MasterPower Omega 5000 24v MPPT

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Inverter Charger OMEGA MASTERPOWER 5000 (4000w) 24v with solar controller MPPT 80Ah integrated and Battery Charger 60a

This reliable inverter charger Masterpower Omega 5 Kva is designed for use in 24V solar installations. This equipment included in one device for sine wave inverter 4000W (with peaks of 8000W), a battery charger 60A and 60A MPPT charge controller. It incorporates an LCD screen to configure and to control the entire operation of the system at each time point.

It is ideal for covering the complete consumption of a home, apartment, cottage, farm, shelter, etc. Furthermore, this model allows to connect several units including bringing the inverter rated power and multiply your total return will be much higher. We recommend this unit for its high reliability and performance in any type of solar installation.


  • Power: 5000VA / 4000W.
  • Input voltage: 24V.
  • Selectable voltage range: 170-280 VAC (for computers) 90-280 VAC (for household appliances).
  • Frequency range: 50Hz / 60Hz (autodetection).
  • Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode): 230 VAC + -5%
  • Maximum power (peak starter): 10,000VA.
  • Efficiency: 93%.
  • Transfer time: 10 ms (for computers) 20 ms (for appliances).
  • Type of wave: pure sine wave.
  • Battery voltage: 24V.
  • Float charge voltage: 30V.
  • Overload protection: 32V.
  • Charge Current Controller MPPT : 80A.
  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage : 145v
  • Charger Charge Current: 60A.
  • Power consumption in standby: 2W.


  • Dimensions: 180 x 310 x 475 mm
  • Weight: 11,5 kg.

A concentrated Omega Masterpower three powerful devices into a single unit. You can thereby regulate and control the operation of the entire solar system from one screen.

This model Omega Masterpower 5Kva 24V includes:

  1. A pure sine wave inverter 4000W 24V:
  • Pure wave inverter 4000W rated power with maximum power of 8000W hold to cover peaks start some motorized devices. This inverter can be used for all types of electrical devices whenever not use the power rating of 4000W is exceeded. It is recommended to run a fridge, freezer, TV, washing machine, kettle, grill, microwave, induction hob, iron, toaster, dishwasher, lighting, small appliances such as blender, juicer, coffee maker, fan, computer, printer, DVD audio or DVDs, drill, etc.
  • Omega's display can display the actual power of the devices that connect to the solar system. This screen also displays the percentage of use of the inverter according to the requirement that it be made to work at all times.
  1. A MPPT charge controller 80A and 145v:
  • Each unit includes a broader regulatory burden that allows up to 80 amps at 24V capacity of isolated panels (usually solar power from 150 to 300W). The controller is the default screen and allows Omega multiplus verifiable on the charge level of the batteries.
  • The controller can be configured according to the type of battery that is installed: acid (solar monoblock or stationary) or agm / gel. Thus the load is required and the battery life is extended. It also allows you to configure the three stage charging: bulk charging, absorption, and float.
  1. A battery charger 60A:
  • The battery charger lets you power the outer solar system with backup power using a generator or generator. This charger can be configured to allow the passage of power once the batteries drop to a level markup shock. Thus, with the use of an automatic generator (or power of the network), it automatically will start becoming a fully autonomous solar installation.
  • This advanced charger uses multiple stages to perform quick recharging of batteries. Thanks to these recharges the battery never falls below a certain charge level so that its life is prolonged.
  • Using a charger is ideal for covering high peak consumption in installations where there are specific days with much higher than usual consumption. Thus consumption is covered and avoids having to oversize the solar system because of this.

Other Features:

  • This model of 5 kVA allows multiple units connected in parallel via a wired connection to what the inverter power is multiplied.
  • Provides load priority settings by source (solar / utility or generator) and priority source output power (solar / battery-electric solar electric-company / company).
  • The charger has a wide voltage range and a filter to regulate wave oscillations older generators. This can be used both for connecting all types of generators like eléctrica. automatic self-restart network while AC is recovering.
  • Protection against overload and short circuit.
  • Smart battery charger design to optimize battery performance.
  • The cold start function.

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