Inverter Charger Schneider Xantrex Conext SW2524 2500w 24v

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Series Inverter Charger Conext SW Schneider Electric

The Conext are SW Inverter / Pure sine wave covering two power levels not covered by the XW range , with 2500W and 3500W continuos.Cuentan with switchable system to operate at 50/60Hz , available for both models 120/240VAC or 230VAC . American teams have input and output split phase and without using an external transformer. Availability of panels DC / AC . The control panel , remote monitoring and control of the generator module provide increased value to this team . Units can be connected SW Conext each other to double the power . Charge controllers , enable the capture of solar generation as required.


  • Guaranteed by a company with over 175 years of experience
  • World leader in power converters, UPS and power distribution
  • Infrastructure services worldwide to support global needs

High return on investment :

  • Cost efficient residential communities.
  • Harnessing the continuing decline in the cost of solar production .


  • All models can operate at 50/60Hz Output
  • You can stack several investors until 8kW

Easy to service

  • Monitoring and remote configuration
  • Global Support
  • Easy to install
  • Configuration and quick mounting on wall
  • Switching equipment integrated with battery bank and solar controller


  • Residential backup systems
  • installations residential off-grid with battery backup
  • Giving power to communities

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