Inverter Charger OUTBACK VFX3024E 3000w 24V

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Inverter charger OUTBACK VFX3024E 3000w 24v

Investors Outback Series FX and VFX Chargers

The Inverter charger OUTBACK VFX3024E 3000w 24v of the series Outback FX and VFX Modular design is the/cargador inverter of pure sine wave expandable up to 30Kw, which can be used for both small and large energy systems (2-30 Kw). Each inverter/cargador Outback FX is a complete DC-AC power conversion system, battery charger and AC transfer switch.

Inverter Pure-wave charger, power and resistance

Additionally the Fx And Vfx It can be connected at any time in parallel (230/400 VAC). This allows the system to be adapted to receive the specific application conversion requirements, and at the same time the installation and in the future.

Product Features
  • Pure sine output.
  • Intelligent battery charger.
  • Modular design.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Aluminum sealed casing (FX).
  • Great starting capacity (VFX).
  • Communication system included.
  • Reduced weight.
  • Being in three phase can put up to 3 inverters in a single stage.
  • Up to 10 computers can be connected in parallel to obtain 30Kw. Just connect the inverters to the Hub and they will self-synchronize.
  • Automatic group startup.
  • If there were several inverters connected these will work on the basis of the loads, being the surplus inverters in suspension, thus saving energy.
  • The Outback Fx It is designed to survive in the hardest conditions anywhere in the world. Its hermetic seals and aluminum chassis protect and maintain the temperature of the conversion components. Without requiring air from the outside to cool the electronic components. This reduces in 80% inverter failures: corrosion, dust, insects and animal damage.
  • The FX and VFX It can be used in applications with temperatures higher than 60C with a low output rating.
Applications for inverter OUTBACK charger VFX3024E 3000w 24v
  • They are designed for both residential and retail locations, to operate in isolation or as an energy reserve in conjunction with batteries.
Differences Models FX and VFX
  • The Models Fx They're sealed.
  • The FX series of Outback Chargers uses a sealed chassis that can operate in the harshest environmental conditions, such as high humidity or corrosive marine environments.
  • While the VFX are ventilated.
  • The VFX series features a ventilated insect-proof casing that allows greater AC power in warmer ambient conditions.

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