Growatt Hybrid Inverter SPH5000 5KW Single Phase 2 MPPT

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Growatt Hybrid Inverter SPH5000 Single Phase 2 MPPTs


Growatt SPH5000  single-phase hybrid inverter ideal for newly installed storage photovoltaic systems with an impressive IP65 protection level, more durable and flexible to install with multiple programmable working modes for you to decide how to work.

With the Growatt SPH5000  investor you can achieve energy self-sufficiency and increase self-consumption in your home or trade. With EPS output you can even provide backup power during the absence of the mains.  El Growatt SPH5000 has an emergency power output when the mains drops, 2 MPPT and a design without moving parts or fan, with passive dissipation and IP65 protection.


The Growatt SPH5000 hybrid inverter has a maximum output power of 4999 watts. The hybrid inverter can operate with or without battery. As a result, the inverter does not depend on the mains and is therefore not affected by network failures. You also have more flexibility with your photovoltaic system. You can use the solar energy you generate yourself or simply power it to the grid. The battery inverter also has 2 MPP trackers so that two independent chains can be connected. This property is particularly important if, for example, a portion of your PV system is affected by shadows at certain times of the day. The non-deteriorated part of your system can continue to generate electricity with the maximum output.

The SPH5000  has a maximum efficiency of 97.5%. With a storable solution and dynamic control, you can manage the inverter yourself.

The inverter contains permanent monitoring options over LAN, WiFi or a combination of RF/UTP (shinelink). Growatt  offers intelligent online service for remote resolution of technical issues and updates. Customer service is also available to you as an end customer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows you to act yourself in case of breakdowns and solve them with the help of customer service without having to rely on your installer. These functions and services make the inverter a safe option for your photovoltaic system. Growatt also offers you a ten-year manufacturer's warranty on your device.


General Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Local graphic LCD and 4 buttons
  • Supports export control
  • Wide photovoltaic voltage range
  • Dual MPP followers
  • Programmable working modes
  • Safe and reliable
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Smart online service
  • IP65 and natural cooling
  • Support backup function
  • Integrated Wattmeter
  • Measuring toroidal clamp


Technical Specifications:

  • 5000W Inverter Power Peak
  • Continuous output power 5000W
  • Operating range of the MPP 150-550V
  • Inverter Efficiency: Pure Sine Wave
  • Investor Weight 27Kg
  • Inverter dimensions 547 x 516 x 170 mm



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