MUST 5kVA 80A 48V MPPT 145Vdc Hybrid Inverter

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MUST 5kVA 80A 48V MPPT 145Vdc Hybrid Inverter

The Most Versatile and Multifunctional Must Solar Hybrid Charger Inverter for solar installation


The new MUST 5kVA 80A 48V MPPT 145Vdc Hybrid Inverter is a pure sine wave loader inverter with the ability  solar batteries and with an 80A MPPT solar controller integrated into an all-in-one high-quality multifunction inverter at an exceptional price.

It is one of the best photovoltaic solutions in the solar installations sector today, as it is able to manage the charge of solar panels, the charge of batteries, and also has a battery charger, which allows to feed from a generator set to gasoline or with the electricity grid in case the solar panels were not able to supply the necessary energy. The function of Solar Must hybrid inverters is not to pass the current through the batteries throughout the day, but rather to use the energy they provide. Batteries are charged during the day with the surplus production that we do not use, which is the amount of power that we see on the screen.

Grace Parallel Function Loader Inverters allow the most demanding installations to have 3 inverters connected in parallel increases up to 12,000W continuous and peak arrache 24,000w (220v single-phase and 380v three-phase).

Thanks Equalization Function (parameter 36) increases 20% more than the useful battery life. These are pure wave inverters and some of the models are also parallelable, supporting powers greater than that of other inverters.  The battery is charged during the day with the surplus production that we do not use, which is the amount of power that we see on the screen.


The hybrid charger inverter is capable of generating a pure sine wave, of equal characteristics to that created by the conventional electrical grid.


All this can be displayed using the LCD display. included in the Must Solar Inverter housing. In addition, the equipment of the manufacturer Must Solar allow the programming of the operating parameters of the installation, as well as the connection via Wifi to be able to monitor it from any computer through a website.

In the event of being at night, a cloudy day or having a higher energy demand than the panels can provide, the necessary power is provided by the battery bank. If, for example, at 12:00h at noon we are producing with the solar panels 1,500W, and the house consumes at that time 500W, we will be charging the batteries with the 1,000W leftover, so that we can have supply at night.

To provide maximum protection both the inverter and the system in general we advise you to put a Protection and Pre-installation Kit. The installation of this model of Inverter 5Kva 48v hybrid is simple with your pre-installation kit, however we recommend that the hybrid 5Kva 48v inverter be installed by a photovoltaic professional, or strictly follow the installation instructions to avoid bad connections and breakdowns because of an incorrect installation.

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