Aluminum structure Floor 1 Panel

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​Anodized Aluminum structures for cover and flat floor


The structure consists of: 

  • 2 crossbar profiles 
  • 2 Triangles 
  • 6 Mounting bracket of crossbar a triangle 
  • 4 Final Staples 
  • 4 intermediate Staples 
  • 12 Bolts with nut M8 20mm


With the supply of all components of the precast system and the innovative assembly by a "click" is greatly reduced assembly time. 

maximum Versatility 

Middle and end clamps, adjustable height and roof hooks, allow great flexibility in mounting any module or roof covering. 

Optimal adaptability 

By using telescopic parts can perform millimeter-sized installation. The laborious task of cutting the mounting rails is no longer necessary. 

Long life 

All system components are made of aluminum or stainless steel A2 quality, so that a high resistance to corrosion is guaranteed. 

maximum security 

The fastening system is verifiable with the calculator solar dimensioned according to static loads of the different features and meets the requirements of DIN 1055. 


The editor of a photovoltaic system must ensure before mounting the roof substructure, as well as static building bear the burdens that will arise. All PV systems must be fitted using Solar sizing calculations and explanations updated manual instructions, they also have to be checked by a specialist in structural analysis.

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