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Engage Efergy Hub Pack

Engage with Efergy Hub Pack you can monitor via web or smartphone consumption of your home, office or any electrical installation , easily and in real time.

The Efergy Engage Hub is easy to install and use. It plugs directly into the router with LAN cable included in the box . Once discharged from our internet portal Engage Web Portal , users can view their electricity consumption in real time on the web , plus costs and CO2 emissions. It may also provide historical consumption data for the last 24 hours, 30 days and 12 months .

Engage is the Web Plug efergy . It is an online platform that shows energy consumption online , real-time information on your consumption. Henceforth access information from your electricity consumption is much easier! You just need internet access and you can monitor your consumption from anywhere in the world.

Engage has been developped interactively taking as a starting point comments, feedback and suggestions from families and housewives. As such, represents one of the few platforms household energy efficiency , tested and developed from the same feedback provided by users. The platform, which is FREE to use for all users .

With Engage you can meet :

  • Your energy consumption profile - your consumption pattern in a day , week, or month.
  • Your electricity costs - the impact projected in real time from your current spending on your next bill .
  • Your carbon footprint - the impact of C02 that you generate with each electrical use.

The Engage HUB

efergy energy monitor - Engage homehubEfergy HUB has developed a new acting dispositvo sending real time information to the web platform ( own and free) time link. The HUB Engage allows you to forget about downloads and cables, making it easier for the consumer direct access to your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .


  • Check instant online your energy consumption .
  • Keep your historical spending online weekly or monthly.
  • Graphs and charts for easy reading.
  • Add notes on charts with just one click .
  • Compare your energy consumption with that of other users.
  • Discover your qualification as your energy consumption
  • Estimate your monthly electric bill with your monthly budget implementation ¨ ¨ .
  • Check the weather forecast and the temperature in your city.
  • Get real-time alerts when you exceed a preset limit , the refrigerator door opens, an appliance is left on etc ...
  • Accessibility through mobile devices : iPhone , Blackberry , Android and Symbian.


The Efergy Engage Hub works by establishing a communication between the transmitter wifi (similar to energy monitors Efergy Efergy Elite and E2 ) and the portal Web Engage. Therefore, the Hub Engage is ideal for owners who want to monitor remotely , in real time , from anywhere , the power consumption of an installation.

NOTE: This product has been designed for users in possession of a efergy monitor. Transmitter or sensor not included in the purchase of this product. The hub engage only supports version 2 or higher of our transmitters (not compatible with version 1). Check which version your watching your transmitter sensor: Version 1 or Version 2). This product is compatible with IR e2/elite. Not compatible with HM01 ecotouch and monitor.



MICROGENERATION: For customers who generate their own power. This product can not detect the direction of the current so it will be seen as consumption. If you want a monitor that measures generation and consumption might like to our new Ennova, available late summer 2013.

See more at: # sthash.kbrr2AgM.dpuf


In case Efergy Hub Engage Pack you will find:

  • 1x Engage Hub
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x LAN Cable

Use in phase installations

This product can be used to control the consumption phase installations . This requires two additional sensors to acquire Efergy so that place a sensor in each of the phases and the three sensors connect to the emitter .

It is recommended for use in balanced three-phase installations as we will not total consumption and per phase

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