Efergy E2 Consumption Meter with USB

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The new Electricity Instant Counter Efergy e2 includes the option to dump the data to your PC and manage them in a more exhaustive and precise. The dump is done through the "elink. "

  Find out your average consumption
  USB Connection
  Memorize consumption every hour for 8 months
  Up to 4 tariffs
  Smart Consumer Guide


 ELink is a software management program to monitor consumption along Electricity Instant Counter will help you learn and understand your energy consumption. Transform the data collected by the monitor graphs, curves and indicators so that you can view your profile in a simple consumption. Follow the instructions in this manual to understand all program management tools and make the best of it. Discover a new dimension of energy management!

 Research your consumption curve
 Find out what fees you agree to greater savings
 Discover how to shift consumption to hours of low cost

 System requirements:

 Operating system: Windows XP / Vista x32 with SP3 for WinXP and SP1 for VISTA.
 Comprehensive monitoring of electricity consumption.

 Shows a wide range of information of kWh consumed and monthly consumption patterns per hour.
 Shows the CO2 equivalent of your electricity consumption.
 Graphically displays your usage patterns of electricity.


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