Lithium Battery EnergyCell 48V 4.8kWh + Rack Cabinet 19"

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EnergyCell 48V 4.8kWh Lithium Batteries with Rack Wardrobe 19"


48V EnergyCell 4.8kWh  lithium-ion solar battery pack Plug and play expandable modular system with 19-inch rack cabinet compatible with any inverter or regulator in the industry.

EnergyCell 48V solar lithium batteries give you unbeatable technical characteristics compared to other types of batteries in the industry, as they have excellent service life and very excellent charging capacity, without maintenance or gas emission, so it can be installed inside the home without problem. In addition, much of the lithium batteries we offer feature state-of-the-art design and pioneering in-house technology in the renewable energy sector.



  • 2 x EnergyCell ME2400-48 2.4kWh 48V Solar Lithium Battery
  • 1 Rack EnergyCell Cabinet for 6 Lithium Batteries ME2400-48V
  • Kit connections


EnergyCell ME2400-48 2.4kWh 48V Solar Lithium Battery


With the EnergyCell 2.4kWh 48V ME2400-48 lithium battery you will enjoy an advanced Lithium-Ion phosphate accumulator with Lithium technology for self-consumption at a very economical price. The great advantage offered by the EnergyCell ME2400-48 solution is great compatibility with many brands of inverters in the sector, a very attractive price and a modular format to be installed in a 19' rack. 

The   EnergyCell ME2400-48 2.4kWh 48V lithium battery is compatible with any solar inverter or solar regulator as it allows to program the charging and unloading voltage of the system. The EnergyCell ME2400-48 has small size and light weight, the standard 19-inch integrated design lithium module is comfortable for installation and maintenance. The BMS or EnergyCell ME2400-48 lithium battery management system has protection features including over-discharge, overload, overcurrent, and high or low temperature.


General features

  • Built-in BMS battery management system to manage and monitor cell, voltage, current and temperature information.
  • Modular parallel expansion system quickly and easily.
  • No toxic or contaminants.
  • High security performance and a long life cycle.
  • Automatically manage upload and download status.
  • Excellent surface loading and unloading performance;
  • Balances the current and voltage of each cell.
  • Flexible configuration on multiple battery modules can be parallel to expand capacity and power
  • Self-cooling mode quickly reduces all system noise.
  • The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without loading on the shelf; no memory effect.


Technical specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 48V
  • Nominal capacity: 2400 kWh
  • Usable capacity: 2200 kWh
  • Dimension: 440 *410*88.5mm
  • Weight: 24 Kg
  • Discharge voltage: 45V x 54V
  • Charging voltage: 52.5V x 54V
  • Maximum Charging Current: 20A
  • Maximum Discharge current: 50A
  • Maximum charging/unloading current (A): 100 to 15 s
  • Communication: RS232, RS485
  • Working Temperature Load : 0 x 50oC
  • Working Temperature Discharge: -10 x 50oC
  • Certification: CE/ ROHS / MSDS / UN38.3
  • Lifespan: +10 years
  • Lifecycle: > 4,500 / 25oC



  • 1 EnergyCell ME2400-48 lithium module
  • 1 Cable Connection Kit
  • Manual



Rack EnergyCell Cabinet for 6 Lithium Batteries ME2400-48V


The Rack EnergyCell cabinet can contain up to 6 Lithium Batteries ME2400-48V. With an attractive design that combines with ease of use to satisfy even the most demanding installers. The  EnergyCell Lithium Battery Rack Cabinet is a laminated steel structure, with metal walls and tempered glass that allows the correct installation, clamping and connection of lithium modules. This rack cabinet allows the correct distribution of weight, being able to accommodate inside the lithium batteries since it supports a static load of 400Kg.


With a high quality of materials and robustness of the structure, it also has ventilation grooves that allow the batteries installed inside to not overheat and operate at an optimal temperature. It has openings to be able to install the wiring with ease. The EnergyCell rack with a beautiful design and aesthetics make it another decorative element of our home and solves the dilemma of where to place them or which location to choose.


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