Solar batteries EnergyCell OPzS 4 200 12 units

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Set of 12 solar batteries OPzS EnergyCell 4 200 of 2v. High performance in isolated solar installations for domestic use or Industrial applications

Solar batteries OPzS EnergyCell 4 200 12 units / C120-300ah

The OPzS EnergyCell 4 200 solar batteries are manufactured with ventilated tubular plates for renewable energy applications. EnergyCell OPzS is a premium range of solar batteries and regulators, developed for applications that require regular deep cycles. It is a low maintenance energy storage solution that offers significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, combined with the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote installations where long discharges occur and excellent recharging properties are essential.

The optimal design of the OPzS EnergyCell 4 200 solar batteries together with the exclusive use of high-quality materials, robust construction and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make the EnergyCell OPzS batteries an ideal solution for demanding renewable energy storage applications.

Quality and benefits factors of the OPzS EnergyCell 4 200 solar batteries:
1. Long cycle life

The positive tubular plates, the unique design of the sliding post and the special composition of the alloys offer a cycle life of 60% DoD of 2300 cycles for 2V cells and 2000 cycles for 6V and 12V blocks.
2. Excellent performance and reliability

Optimally designed products made from high-quality raw materials in leading-edge European production facilities and accumulated experience in advanced submarine battery manufacturing, guarantee reliability in applications that demand high performance.
3. Minimum maintenance

Low maintenance design with reduced needs. Transparent container for easy visual monitoring of the electrolyte level.
4. Space optimization

Racks designed for optimal use of space, quick installation and easy maintenance of the battery.
5. Operational safety

Extensive compliance tests performed under European and global standards and verified by independent third-party certification agencies.
6. Complete battery solution

Complete systems ready to install, full and loaded or dry with all the necessary accessories. Wide range of value-added products and services.
7. Flexibility

Design and production of customized products and services, ability to handle large volume orders, fast delivery.
8. Tranquility

Sales and after-sales service through Global Partners Network.
9. Total cost of optimal property (TCO)

Low cost per cycle. Maximized lifetime value especially in hybrid systems where the use of batteries can greatly reduce daily Genset operating time, resulting in fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions
10. Certified Quality:

Meets the requirements of IEC 61427 for photovoltaic energy systems
Fully compatible with IEC 60896-11 requirements for ventilated lead-acid batteries
Total compliance with DIN 40736-1 specifications for OPzS and DIN 40737-3 cells for OPzS blocks
Meets the safety requirements of EN 50272-2 for stationary batteries
Manufactured in European production facilities, certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001
11. 30 years of experience in battery business:

TOP 3 in the world advanced battery technology sector
TOP 5 in the European sector of industrial batteries
98% of battery production is being exported
Design and manufacture of numerous premium solutions that meet the most demanding requirements
12. Broad global knowledge

Cooperation with the best market players and equipment suppliers around the world
A network of fast-growing global partners
More than 300 fully independent off-grid power supply systems installed around the world
13. A stop solution

From unique components / products to turnkey solutions
Robust portfolio of high quality products and services
Approximation of the value of life and total cost of ownership
14. Exceptional customer service

Highly experienced engineering team for design and development
Pre-sale and post-sale service with global support
Project management competence

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