Monoblock Battery BOX-C 12v 250ah

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The solar Monobloc BOX-C offers an unbeatable combination of performance
in cycling peak accompanied by a high boot.
Specifically designed for applications requiring a demand
long-lasting power supply.
.- Suitable for cyclic applications, as well as starting the engine
.- Approved at the Department of Defense according to standard EN50342 (1997 Eurobat)
.- High resistance and repeated deep discharge cycles.
.- Long life

  Main technical characteristics
.- Thick plates with radial geometry to increase life and provide more CCA
.- Reinforced welds on plates, shock and vibration testing.
   It also provides a longer life.
.- Material asset specific composition in order to minimize cyclic stress
.- Grids alloy to ensure corrosion resistance
   and make optimal contact with the active materials.
   Designed for deep cycle
.- Special maintenance (industrial or PE) with glass mat separator
   life increases.

Main Applications
.- Renewable energy sources (solar and wind)
.- Electric vehicles
.- Industrial floor cleaning (floor sweepers, scrubbers, etc. ..)
.- Access and elevators (lifts and knuckle scissors, stackers etc ...)
.- Recreational vehicles (campers, motor homes etc ...)
.- Marine (boats, ships, etc ...)
.- Utility (transport vehicles, cars, autobuces, taxis etc ...)
.- Lighting (street lighting, photovoltaic)
.- Electric traction (cranes, pallet jacks etc ...)

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