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500w Solar Kit complete suitable for low energy lighting  

The 500w Solar Kit It's a Photovoltaic system With a polycrystalline panel that will supply you with sufficient electric current for lighting your home with the consumption of a small appliance.  This Lighting Kit Complete is suitable for homes, wineries or rural houses in the need to light with alternating current, any room for several hours, can use a small electrical apparatus, such as a television.

This Solar Kit Includes wiring with terminals Multicontact solar, Accessories and Installation guide for the supply of basic lighting of 500 watts with the best price in the sector.

Their autonomy depends on the energy consumption of the house. For a use of 5 bombilllas of low consumption of 220v and a small television would be
  • Approximate daily autonomy of 4 hours
  • Approximate 6-hour weekend autonomy.

500w Solar Lighting Kit for low-power bulbs or Led technology

The solar kit 500w is composed.-
  • Photovoltaic plate Polycrystalline 150w 12v E-XION
  • EnergyCell Load Controller 10ah
  • EnergyCell Monoblock Battery 250Ah C100 12v 
  • 1 Pure-Wave inverter Victron Energy 12v 375va
  • 20 meters 1x6mm Solar cable
  • 1 structure for optional floor or roof solar panel.
  • 2 Multicontact Terminals
  • 2 Battery Terminals
  • Quick Assembly Guide

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