Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of the contract and use the portal 
These provisions govern the procurement of products and services offered and advertising to your clients / customers by Securiweb, SLU, commercial company that operates online from their website http://www.merkasol.com selling to customers encompassed within the field of renewable energies such as photovoltaic panels, sanitary collection systems for water, wind, etc. products These Terms also govern the rights and obligations of the parties arising from sales transactions concluded between them. 
The clauses are listed below form the framework contract that all users accessing the page http://www.merkasol.com are required to know and accept. For the purposes only of the general conditions, the term "user" includes any Internet user accesses the web page www.merkasol.com, either directly, either from any other website. 
The services offered by Securiweb S.L.U. on this website are governed by the conditions contained herein contrato.Securiweb SLU reserves the right to change, wholly or partially, these general conditions to apply the new agreed upon from the moment of its publication in the page. In any case, these changes will not have retroactive effect and the goods or services previously contracted by users. 
These Terms are binding on both parties and are an integral and inseparable part of the sales contract which effectively operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the customer, through contracting mechanisms will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 1255 of the Civil Code which enshrines the principle of freedom of contract and agreements between the contracting parties. For all purposes be understood that the user accepts the conditions and rules of use related here. 
To ensure fully the rights of consumers and users of SLU Securiweb these Conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish law, in particular the Law 7/98 of 13 April General Conditions of Contract Law 7/96 of 15 January Retail Trade, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June, Law 34/2002 of July 11, services of the information society and e-commerce, Real 1/2007 Decree of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other applicable laws and its implementing regulations is approved. 
SLU Securiweb established in c / Parsi 6, nº 50 of Seville, 41016 Seville,Spain - Entered in the Mercantile Register of Seville took 4346, folio 21, sheet SE - 66434, CIF: B-91508879, serves electronic Internet sales on its website http://www.merkasol.com 
His contact address is the e-mail: contacto@merkasol.com. 
Your telephone number is 955 452 211 
The address for claims indicated as correspond to the registered office of the company.
CLARITY AND TRANSPARENCY OF INFORMATION Securiweb SLU, in compliance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, through its website and these Terms and Conditions, enables electronic access permanently, easy, direct access to comprehensive information about your business name (data tax, registration, address and communications), as well as customer data, exclusive access to the same, in the possession of the company. 
Also, according to the above-named Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, offers customers both pre-contractual information (see the General Conditions and the additional information in the various sections of the website) as confirmation of the information legally required. 
The user of the website Securiweb S.L.U. entitled to free access to public information contained therein, though Securiweb SLU reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers to registered customers. 
Any user accessing the website Securiweb SLU entitled to register as a client and can therefore benefit from the special offers designed to group of customers registered if it meets the specific conditions of the offer for each product specified. 
The public information contained in the web page Securiweb SLU regarding both the company Securiweb SLU as brands, products, logos, ... of wholesalers and manufacturers of the products and services are protected by the laws on intellectual property, so that the copy is not authorized , transmission, transfer, sale or use by the customer / user outside the purpose of advertising your online publication that do not have the express consent of Securiweb SLU product manufacturer or brand owner and logos on the terms provided in the section XI of the Rights of Intellectual Property. 
The customer / user before the execution of the purchase of any of the products offered by Securiweb character SLU must register their personal facts and circumstances necessary to formalize the contract of sale (name or company name, DNI / NIF, address, email address, phone / fax). 
You can only recruit and place orders if you are elderly. Otherwise, the responsibility for ordering underage borne by the parents or legal guardians of the child. 
To place orders on the website, to provide each client Securiweb SLU voluntarily and at your own risk their personal data. 
All personal data provided by customers of any fraudulent or false may be considered as a crime of falsification of commercial documents. 
Securiweb S.L.U. you can offer the customer a personal registration system through a personalized access (login) and password (password) to facilitate future customer purchase transactions. In this case, the client may designate its option key and desired password, provided they are available or not assigned to other customers. Through an automated process, Securiweb SLU, if desired by the customer, will generate a login and password for the customer. Keys or passwords immoral, offensive, insulting, discriminatory or contravene the provisions of the laws, or those with terms concerning trademarks, product names or protected by law or as otherwise provided on Intellectual Property, Industrial contents are not allowed to rights to privacy, honor and self-image. 
The Customer undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of your own password and password. Securiweb S.L.U. is exempted from any liability arising from improper use or negligence by the customer in meeting their obligation to confidentiality of their passwords. 
Pricing Policy: Securiweb S.L.U. at all times reserves the right to unilaterally modify the price of the products and services through its website. To ensure the customer the assurance and security of the price of their products, this will be the effect on the advertising at the time of the order. 
In the process of e-procurement the following steps will be taken according to the options menu recorded on the website Securiweb SLU 
Information about the product offered to the client: includes the specifications, description, warranty, manufacturer's mark, photograph guidance (if any). 

Shipping Cost: All purchases over 150.00 eur (VAT not included), are exempt from the payment of transport in Spain Peninsular. (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, consult.)

For orders lower than 150.00 eur (VAT not included), there are weight sections: From 1 kg to 10 kg the cost is 6.00 eur (VAT not included), from 11 kg to 20 kg the cost is 9 , 00 eur (VAT not included), 21 kg to 50 kg the cost is 20,00 eur (VAT not included) ect ..

The purchased product may suffer, availability of the manufacturer, no substantial changes in the components, features or services that form part of the lot, provided they do not pose a demerit of the qualities and services advertised. 
Information about product price: final price information or retail price of the product to buy, containing in the same order the final cost to the customer and including tax, shipping and insurance of goods by transport and handling. The final cost therefore will be reported to the customer in the e-procurement process before it formalized its acceptance by choosing the "order acceptance" menu of options. 
Any discounts or promotional gifts are freely led SLU to collective Securiweb appointed at any time by Securiweb SLU, or function of the product offered under existing advertising at any time on your website. 
According EGEDA (SGAE) and Ministerial Order No. 148 BOE, PRE / 1743/2008 issued on June 19, 2008, SLU Securiweb integrated into the prices of all items subject to the fee increase compensatory remuneration for private copying (devices and equipment). 
Acceptance of order: at the time of placing the order, once used the menu order acceptance means provided client consent to the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract that binds the parties. SLU Securiweb stored electronically ordering. 
Securiweb S.L.U. inform the client after acceptance of the order by sending the order confirmation and also send the general conditions prevailing in Securiweb SLU email specified by the customer. 
The commitment of Securiweb S.L.U. sale and delivery of the goods offered is subject to stock the advertised product and the availability of the stocks, so Securiweb SLU, in its commitment to quality and customer service, trying at all times that the advertised products are available. However, in exceptional circumstances interactive multiple orders or those which cause the stocks of the product, the order and the contract between the parties shall be void by virtue of this clause, fully restoring the client in case of prepayment amounts paid for the same .. 
Payment by the Customer, the following payment systems are established: 
1st.- Prepayment: 
by bank transfer the full amount for the bank account owned by SLU Securiweb published on its website specifically mentioning the order number to which the payment relates. Orders with payment method "prepaid" unless they are paid into the account of Securiweb SLU 7 days after confirmation of the order will be canceled automatically. 
2º.- Credit Card or Debit Card: 
Protect Against Unauthorized Use of Your Card When Buy Over the Internet. 
What is MasterCard SecureCode? 
<MasterCard is> MasterCard SecureCode is a security service to protect against unauthorized use of your MasterCard card while shopping online at participating merchants use. 
No need to get a new card, or download oara computer programs, nor is there any cost to pay or have complications. Once you join this service, you will have more confidence knowing that MasterCard SecureCode performs an extra authentication step to protect your account from unauthorized Internet users. 
Register your MasterCard credit or debit card for your personal SecureCode at the financial institution that issued your card. 
Buy at participating retailers online and pay with your MasterCard card registered in the Service. 
During the payment process, click Submit [Send] to complete your order as you normally would. 
MasterCard SecureCode box will automatically open in the order form of commerce and ask for your SecureCode as you use your PIN at an ATM (ATM). 
Enter your unique SecureCode and within seconds, your identity is confirmed and the purchase is completed. This communication is established between you and your card issuer, and your information is never shared with trade. 
If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will fail. Even if a person knows the number of your credit card or debit card, the purchase can not be completed without your SecureCode at a participating business 
In the event of delayed more than 30 days upon receipt of the product term set to formalize the approximate delivery order, and provided that the delay is attributable to the customer Securiweb SLU, upon written complaint (letter, fax or e-mail) may unilaterally cancel the order, restituyéndosele amounts paid in case of prepayment, in view of articles 103 and following of Legislative Royal Decree, 1/2007. 
3º.- Contrareembolso: 
In the COD payment will have to add a 5% increase in transport.
Confidentiality and security of customer data in accordance with the provisions of Spanish legislation on data protection. 
No distribution, transmission or publication of customer data without your express consent. 
No receive promotional or marketing emails if any rejected. 
Check, modify, and delete customer data held by the database Securiweb SLU on request, all as provided in the section on Personal Data Protection. 
Free access to the open sections of the SLU website Securiweb know at all times the Status of the order placed. 
Keep your personal keys with due diligence. 
Use the information published by Securiweb SLU exclusively by the client strictly within the staff proposed business relationship. 
Not to reproduce, sell or dispose of the information published by Securiweb SLU in its content without the express permission of the company. 
Faithfully use a shopping service provided by Securiweb SLU on your website and refrain from manipulating the contents of your website, or interfere with your computer means through viruses or other conduct prohibited by law. 
Respect the purchase agreement once accepted the order, the timely payment of the agreed price. 
Save, modify or suspend the website without notice. 
Modify the price of tenders. 
Reject orders stockouts or customer default. 
Deny access to tools to clients in case of breach of these terms. 
Receive the amount of customer purchases accepted the transaction. 
Reserve the domain and retain full ownership of the item until full payment from the customer. 
Reserve the right to make drawings of goods or services on your website. 
The rights to the intellectual property (including and not of limitation: trademarks, logos, text, photographs, icons, images, ... as well as graphic design, source code and other software elements content on page web "MERKASOL.COM") are owned by SLU Securiweb or from wholesalers and manufacturers of products and services offered. Therefore are subject to rights of intellectual and protected by Spanish and international legislation property. 
Without the prior written authoritative form Securiweb SLU authorization or, where appropriate, the wholesaler or manufacturer of the product rights holder is not allowed to use, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, and any use in excess of a normal and necessary to visit the site and use of services offered use. 
Access to services provided by means not Securiweb SLU resignation, transfer or total or partial assignment of rights arising from intellectual property, or assigning rights to use, modify, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of these contents without the prior express written consent of the respective owners of these rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain private backup such content, provided that such right is exercised according to the principles of good faith and always to remain unaltered intellectual property of the owner of such rights, is not used for commercial purposes and for personal user information. 
The liability for the use protected by the rights of intellectual property of third parties contained in this page illegally or violate morality, honor or privacy materials, rests solely with the user, in any case exempt Securiweb SLU any liability arising from such conduct. 
Securiweb S.L.U. shall not be liable for interruptions that occur in electrical or telecommunications services that prevent users from using the services offered. 
The information received by Securiweb S.L.U. through its web site will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Securiweb S.L.U. shall at all times observe the existing rules on data protection, in particular, Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, and take the necessary measures, in relation to such data, avoiding its alteration, loss and unauthorized access and for their employees to observe these requirements and the duty of confidentiality on the data object of protection and other applicable confidentiality obligations. It also undertakes not to use the personal data of users of the site to others for the purpose of hiring the services provided by different uses. 
According to current legislation, Securiweb SLU collects personal data as your customers and included in a file that holds and for which treatment is exclusively intended purpose of managing the Company requested orders and answer queries allow users to formulate. The entity responsible for the files is Securiweb SLU 
The user must provide personal facts and circumstances necessary to be a registered customer of the Company and arranging sales contracts (name or company name, DNI / NIF, address, email address, phone / fax) . The registration of these data is required; lack of complementation of the same by the user or providing incorrect data Securiweb impossible for SLU you can successfully manage orders placed. 
Securiweb S.L.U. requests additional personal information for statistical purposes to let you know the user's profile. You can omit or fail to communicate any information or personal circumstance that is not absolutely necessary for the formalization as a customer or purchase. Securiweb S.L.U. You can use third-party advertising companies to place advertisements on your website. These companies may use Cookies or other tools to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. 
The data may be used by SLU Securiweb in order to send the user information about offers and advertising to the email address provided or personnel information if the client expressly consents; however, the client may choose at any time to opt out of such information by sending an e-mail to mailto: contacto@merkasol.com in this regard. 
Similarly, the client consents to Securiweb SLU submit such data to companies or banks to manage the transportation and collection of your order. Securiweb S.L.U. You can also carry out other data communications provided by law. 
Data collected by Securiweb S.L.U. may be processed and stored in Spain, for which the client expressly consents, all in accordance with the provisions of the law. 
Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition 
Securiweb SLU, recipient of the data collected on this page entity undertakes to respect and provide stakeholders the exercise of the rights recognized by law and in particular the rights of data access, rectification, cancellation data and opposition, if pertinent. Such rights may be exercised by the user or, where appropriate, by her representative, through a written and signed request to the following address: c / Jose Laguillo nº6 41003 Sevilla Spain. 
Securiweb S.L.U. represents and warrants that maintains safety standards for the protection of personal data as provided by legislation, and has established all the technical means at their disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by users. All this notwithstanding the fact that the user expressly accepts that Internet security measures are not impregnable. 
Cookies are small pieces of information needed to identify you. During online user visiting our website. This way we can provide a purchase without difficulties. Through cookies, for example, the role of the "shopping cart" and "memory function" addresses. Your browser stores Cookies on your hard drive only during the current session, also need only a minimal memory space and do not harm your computer. The Cookies do not contain any specific personal information. Most of the Cookies used by us are deleted again from your hard drive at the end of the browser session (the so-called session cookies). Other cookies remain on your computer and allow us to recognize your computer on your next visit (the so-called permanent cookies). 
Most standard browser to accept cookies and, independently thereof, in granting or denying security settings stored cookies or temporary. When you. Disable cookies, certain applications will not have the Merkasol website and may not be indicated properly some of the pages of the site. 
Without your express consent, Merkasol not link in cookies stored data with your personal data (name, address, etc.). For using our shopping cart, you have to admit the [temporary / permanent] cookies. 
You can learn more about Privacy and Cookies here http://www.merkasol.com/Politica-of-Privacy-and-Cookies 
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 
"Extras" -> "Internet Options" -> "Data Protection" -> "Settings / extended ..." -> "cookies / accept" 
Netscape browser: 
"processing" -> "Settings" -> "expand" -> "Cookies (accept all Cookies)" 
"file" -> "Settings" -> "private sphere" -> "accept all Cookies without consultation" 
Mozilla Firebox: 
"extras" -> "Settings" -> "Data Protection" -> "cookies" -> "OK" 
  "These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, at its option, to resolve conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, the courts of your domicile. Also, as an entity attached to TRUST ONLINE and in terms of its Code of Ethics, in case of disputes relating to recruitment and online advertising, data protection, child protection and accessibility, users can go to system-of-court dispute resolution TRUST ONLINE (www.confianzaonline.es) embodied in the jury of the Advertising Self and the National Consumer Arbitration Board. "