Mastervolt on grid inverter

Mastervolt on grid inverter

How the Soladin'
The most important function is to convert Soladin current generated by solar panels into alternating current standard 230 V/50 Hz Soladin connects to the power supply to inject power generated. In the event that the power line is cut, the Soladin 600 turns off automatically.
'Plug & play
Soladin inverter is very compact and is equipped with easily accessible connections to the input current (DC) and the output alternating current (AC). Multi-contact contacts have been included for positive and negative connections of the strings of solar panels. To output a standard wall outlet can be used to directly connect to the network. An LED indicator gives you information related to energy production, the status of the system and unit conversion.
Input Range
The Soladin 600 has a large work area, making it possible to connect almost all systems to a value of 600 Wp. With a swath of the voltage from 45 to 125 V DC, configuracionescon panels 36, 54 and 72 cells can also be connected. The current range is from 0 to 8 A, making the Soladin 600 supports the latest high-power solar panels

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The solar network inverter Soladin 1000 Web is a compact solar inverter, suitable for residential use with between 4 and 8 panels. Network inverter for small homes in which the energy consumption is immediately compensated by the energy generated. Intelligent and functional design, the installation costs only three minutes. The HF transformer technology makes the Soladin WEB suitable for all types of solar panels

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