Inverter Charger STUDER XPC 2200-48 COMPACT

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Inverter charger STUDER XPC 2200-48 COMPACT

Inverter/charger for 48v battery, capable of feeding 3x starting points higher than its nominal power, 2.2 KVA for 30 minutes and 1.6 kva in Continuous. This allows you to feed most household consumptions. It is the ideal inverter for small autonomous hybrid installations or simple self-consumption systems.
It is delivered, in option, with a PWM solar charge regulator (20a-~ 1.5 kwp-2x72celdas). With the internal or adding an external MPPT solar charge regulator such as the VarioTrack (4-5kWp), it constitutes an effective hybrid solar system for residential systems or small industrial systems. 

  • Pure sine voltage
  • Suitable for all types of electrical equipment
  • Reliable and quiet with all kinds of loads
  • Exceptional overload capacity
  • Adjustable Standby level from a very low threshold
  • 4-level battery charger with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • ultra-fast Transfer Relay
  • High performance
  • Full internal protection
  • Ultra-fast regulation
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Hybrid system: Ready-to-use independence with Compact Inverter/charger
  • Offline power off-line with Compact Inverter/charger

·A simple and reliable onboard power system with Compact Inverter/charger

·Simple system with solar priority

·RCC-01 Remote Control

The RCC-01permite remote control the user to consult, adjust and program * your remote SYSTEM. 

·Temperature Probe CT-35

This probe adapts the load levels to the temperature variations.

·ARM-01 Auxiliary Relay Module

It consists of three programmed auxiliary relays and a quarter which is the replica of the auxiliary contact of the Inverter/charger.

·Hood CFC-01

This capot provides additional protection of the connections thanks to the press...

·Capot C-IP22

The intrusion protection bonnet and C-IP22 projections increase the degree of protection of your Equipment.


A range of products with high performance from 1.1 kVA to 4kVA that allow the optimum use of the available energy, either as an insulated inverter, battery charger or Solar charge Controller. This range of robust and ready-to-use products offer excellent price-performance ratios.

All-in-one with inverter loader STUDER XPC

Each product in the Compact range combines 3 functions: inverter for high performance insulated, powerful battery charger and fast transfer System. All in a sturdy casing. Equipped with a programmable auxiliary relay, it allows the start of a generator set or the disconnection of non-priority Consumptions. These inverters-chargers can also be delivered, in option, with an integrated solar charge regulator, making this equipment an "all-in-one" hybrid solar system, or a simple self-consumption/backup system.

Ready to use cone inverter charger STUDER XPC

In addition to its compact construction, these equipment are supplied with the battery cables already assembled, thus reducing the installation and start-up Costs.

Important adjustments can be made directly on the computer screen, which also allows you to see the different states of the Inverter.

Excellent price-performance ratio
The compact is a high value Swiss product that combines the essential functions in a compact and robust construction, responding to the wait and with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Power P30/phnom [VA]

Battery voltage Unom [V]

Max Charge Current Imax [A]

Solar Controller Current (opc.) Imax [A]

XPC + 1400-12





XPC + 2200-24





XPC + 2200-48





C 1600-12





C 2600-24





C 4000-48






Certification according to the standard E
The XPC + 1400-12, XPC + 2200-24, c 1600-12 and C 2600-24 have been certified according to the ECE-R 10 Standard. This certification is mandatory in the European Union for all electrical equipment on board transport Vehicles.




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